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Thankyou for the healing session. I got so many projects, in two days I received 11 projects. The feeling of abundance was so so gratifying. I am grateful to you for this shift


Someone called me last night that her 5 year old daughter has high fever, cough and cold and was extremely cranky. Charged water with healing frequency cards along with quick alignment and emotional cleanse technique. Fever vanished in 20 min and she slept peacefully. Spoke to her today morning and the child has no fever or any other symptom


My mother had excruciating knee pain and couldn’t move or bend her legs. Applying various healing techniques, within three days she has no pain now, can bend her legs freely and all of this without any medication.Learning the Void Technique has truly made us wizards of consciousness


I felt lost last night. Absolutely devoid of hope. woke up flustered and began the day just haphazardly. Then suddenly around 12 pm I broke down and something arranged itself inside me. I sat down and wrote like a river in flow. I felt a sense of lightness of being and the say went by like a song. Some small hurdles came by early morning, like my shuttle cock flew up a high asbestos roof and to my surprise there was a bamboo stairs lying there along with a 6 feet rod to pull down the shuttle. Small miracles you are materialising for me. Writing like a river is not small!! Thankyou so much Niharika


Hi Niharika, I wanna thank u for these sessions my life really changed after the 1st healing session you know I was really struggling since I moved to Goa and nothing was working with me, and what happened to me after the 1st session was like a miracle. I received a call from a client to order food from me and I started supplying a restaurant also and things are getting better with everything in my life and I am feeling much better, even yesterday I received an email regarding my company I finally got all the licenses needed. This is regarding my work issue and regarding my personal life I feel more calm and not worried anymore coz I gained some confidence back after all what happened to me during the last 2 years. I just wanna thank you for all your efforts and thank u for being a really good friend


My friend had benign positional vertigo of the ear due to which there was a perpetual state of dizziness, headache and spinning sensation in the head and doctors said it would take 6 months to get better. Using various Void Techniques she got better in a weeks time. No symptoms at all now.Healing is truly magical


Hi everyone I want to share my experience with you all. My mother was very sick, she had dengue with high fever(range 103-104) so I contacted Niharika Mam for healing.My mother started to recover after first session of healing.Her platelet count increased. Just after 3 days of healing my mother recovered completely,her dengue report is negative.Thankyou Niharika Mam for reiki healing.This is a miracle


Thanks great healing session.Many right now are going through very trying times for various reasons. Re alignment of goals is tougher due to uncertainities but thanks to your healing there is hope and courage.Thanks for being the guiding light


These healing sessions are such a miracle.I always look forward to them as they make me feel very calm and relaxed.They kind of cleanse our physical and mental and mental body and uplifts us for the better.The condition of my knees have improved Niharika with your divine healing.I am so grateful yo you for your help.Wishing more power to you.Thankyou for being so kind


Intensive Healing Sessions done for 9 days by Niharika. After every healing session i felt lot of my inner blockages came to the surface to heal. These help me evolve in my spiritual growth. I slept at peace and mornings were full of energy. I also felt a shift in my emotional growth. Lots of gratitude to you Niharika. Waiting for your next session


Everytime after the healing session i feel somehow elevated. Like we raise above the daily life and health issues. Like we are connected with the divine and our soul for a moment is free and clean like we were created to be. And this generates lots of peace. Thank you Niharika for helping us. Always grateful!


Healing  Paralysis with Void Technqiue- i worked on someone who’s entire left side of the body was numb and paralysed.Using the spinal alignment the next day she called me and was amazed that she had no pain and no numbness and after days was able to move freely.

Thankyou Niharika.I have experienced a tremendous shift.I have lived all my life from a place of fear,what if this doesnt happen,what if they dont love me,what if i lose everything.In these 15 days healing session with you something shifted.Currently i am living from a place of joy. I know that everything will be for my highest good. I feel secure with abundance.Thankyou for bringing this shift!


I joined the 15 day intensive healing program,after the first session,she sensed the energy of my aching legs and worked wonders on it.By the second session,the two year stuck payment’s paperwork moved.By the fourth session my watering eye soothed.Niharika was healing someone else’s neck pain that day and the healing expanded and reached me.By the seventh session, I was afloat,believing in myself,clearing my path off the nosiy thoughts on an auto mode.I feel the shift towards the positives in my body and most of all,my destructive mind.I intend to learn the Void Technique from her to bring about everyday changes on the path where i progress,for I have a rooted whim, a foible to self-destruct. A stubbornness to return to the old self/situation and mess up the hard work of progress.Thankyou Niharika for holding my hand and making me stay when i was about to return and sabotage it all.Keep healing the bruised world


The healing session with you was just amazingggg.Niharika i want to thankyou for your  transparency,kindness and your generosity.I immediately noticed the beginning of the shift since the first day,it was like magic and it gets better n better each day.I feel more at ease, mre flexible and open,more light and happy,more at peace and centered.I’m more aware and been a while when i was saying i dont feel the connection with my inner self but now i’m back again with lots of gratitude and joy.Niharika the sessions really helped me at all levels especially mentally and emotionally.Thankyou so much for everything,it was a blessing.I am grateful!


Hello i woke up today smiling and radiating positive energy so all the pains and turmoil of last week is gone finally and the leg pain is much better.Cant thank you enough!


Hi everyone wanted to share this experience. Worked on a 16 year old child,it was an onset of sleep paralysis,he had 3-4 episodes.Using the various healing techniques his condition miraculously got healed.Backed up with few more healing sessions the child hasnt complained of it again,his sleep has improved and is feeling very light and relaxed.

Your sessions brough me peace and serendipity.I was able to feel and to release physical and emotional pain from my heart. I felt im lighter and my energy was elevated.At the end of the sessions,i got an interview for a new job.Attracting new opportunities, new perspectives.Thankyou for all the healing, my soul is happier


Hi Niharika, I am very thankful for your healings. My friend’s sister left foot surgery is healing well.Her B.P and emotions are also under control.
We have received possession letter of Rohini plot that was stuck for the last 4 years and now freehold of land will happen. My husband is now more emotionally balanced,calm,talks nicely and taking things positively.Your healing is miraculous


Physically i can say the stiffness is gone and te knee pain has reduced by 80%.Mentally more relaxed and feeling lighter.Somehow experienced the courageous and confident side of me. Feeling active,the dullness has gone.As the pain subsided i can now walk and move around and do a few things that i wanted to do for a long time.Thankyou so much


Hello Niharika.The healing sessions with you were quite magical.I was having skin issues and it got healed. I always feel light and happy during and after the sessions as well.It’s as if some rewiring has happened.My stiffness has also reduced.Thankyou so much for initiating me on to this journey.Iday by day.i felt as if my soul was dancing and drenched in some divine light


I want to share this,it happened today,i had a personal session with Niharika, I was complaining of acute chronic frozen shoulder pain on both sides,post the healing session I felt 30% better and she told me the effect will carry on and indeed it is,i am absolutely pain free now and feeling very light


Just like always,it was a beautiful session.So for the past few days i have been trying to heal my solar plexus chakra and was not able to make the connection or feel the energy around it,which seems to be blocked.When you picked the healing for the solar plexus, i suddenly felt warmth there and had some tingling sensation.

You are an amazing healer and everytime my belief towards you and the healing techniques deepens.Much more love and light to you


Hi dear Niharika i would like to thank you so much for these sessions although i wasn’t able to attend the whole time.I’m opening a restaurant now and was worried about everything and had some personal issues with my partner.My mind was so busy and didnt know from where to start.After the healing i was able to solve the issue with my partner..And i was training the guys in the kitchen ,some guests in the restaurant tasted my food and asked for a proper dinner and the miracle was that i was able to serve them a proper professional dinner with my employees who are not trained yet and it was ahuge success..they loved everything..And the most important thing is that i’m feeling more relaxed, more confidentand more happy


Niharika has been a terrific healer. Not only has she been treating me with excellent results, but her energy, positivity and dedication in helping me get over my disease has been phenomenal with Reiki Healing. Every session is filled with boundless energy and positivity, which makes me feel healthier and peaceful, not to mention the confidence and belief that anything can be cured with the healing she gives.
Thank you…for being a brilliant healer and an amazing person


Hey Niharika i really wanted to thankyou for the healing sessions, trust me i have always felt so good,light and lively after your sessions that i cant really express in words.Healing works like magic


“Niharika is the first ever channel through whom God started showering blessings on me in the form of therapies. She is verycentred, grounded woman who is blessed with miraculous power of healings and I thank her for guiding me to walk on the same path. May God bless her and keeps offering her miraculous experiences in her life.”

Monica Dhawan