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Become a professional tarot reading practitioner

Basic & Advance Levels of Tarot

Rider Waite Cards both Basic and Advanced levels are taught at Tarot Classes, Delhi.
Learning tarot is simple, easy and fun!
You will need a tarot deck, the Rider Waite Cards which should be chosen and bought by you and a decorative rectangular cloth to lay down your cards on.
Detailed descriptions of the cards both upright and reversed, different spreads and remedies are also taught. The course covers both basic and advanced levels of tarot and all that you need to know about tarot card reading. After the course you will be able to successfully read cards for yourself and others.

I have regular Tarot Card Teaching Workshops, in South Delhi. The duration is 4-5days for 4 hours each. Tarot can also be learnt on a one to one basis suiting the individual’s time. A special manual is provided which is written in a way that it becomes easy to understand the cards.

This is what you will get out of the Tarot Course

The meanings and the hidden secrets of the cards

Learn how to read with confidence and precision

Cut through confusion, conflicting viewpoints and Tarot “information overload”

Create a deep well of Tarot knowledge that you can access at any time, without
consulting a book.

Uncover the secrets tucked deep inside you as you learn and grow…

Get a firm foundation in Tarot that you’ll build on for years to come

Start your Tarot journey here with me… and go anywhere!

Hopefully by the end of the course, you’ll have developed a taste for reading the cards and will be inspired to continue to work on your skills. It’s worth the time and effort to develop this truly wonderful gift that you can share with those you love.Have fun and enjoy!!

Book your Tarot Card Reading Session

I also take personalized session for Tarot Card Reading in Delhi. I do online tarot as well for people who can’t come for a session. I do tarot card readings all over India online over the phone.