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About me

About Me

Hi I am
Niharika Suri

I have been practicing and teaching over more than a decade now as an energy healing practitioner and teacher,specialising in the Original form of Reiki called Jikiden Reiki and a beautiful healing modality called Void Technique.

In my quest to improve my life and to find peace and happiness I was introduced to the miraculous world of Healing.I learnt various healing modalities and worked with them to deepen my understanding of healing .I began to notice the shifts within me and the people around me.The best part was it gave me a better understanding and perspective of people, situations and it helped me to bring me closer to myself, to realize my strengths and weaknesses to understand myself better,to know who I truly am…The most important thing that I really learned was to be happy and to develop love, understanding and compassion.

My aim is simple. To help as many people as possible,to empower them to their own highest potential so that they can be free of whatever physical, emotional or behavioural patterns that are holding them back and experience life in a more open and joyful way.

I offer Mind-Body Training and Original Certification to people of all ages and backgrounds in Jikiden Reiki & Void Technique. Our target is to be one of the leading institutes in the world for Practitioners, Healers and Coaches to gain knowledge, empowerment and certification.

I invite you to come to join us in creating your best happiest empowered life.

Niharika Suri